Fresh & filtered water for healthier cats

All cats prefer running water and they know that running water tastes great and has more oxygen! A perfect way for your cat to drink more water.



We brush our teeth daily. How many of us even try to brush our cat’s teeth? How easy would it be if cats can clean their teeth by simply drinking water?

Dental Care (sold separately) is designed to work seamlessly with Cat H2O water fountain to provide daily oral hygiene while drinking water. Dental Care tablets will slowly dissolve in the drinking water and releases ingredients that will help protect against plaque & tartar build up, leading to healthier gums and fighting bad breath. Also includes a calcium supplement for stronger teeth.

Ingredients: Water deionised, Dental plaster, Glucose oxidase enzyme, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate

Designed, formulated & made in Australia, packaged in China

Multiple drinking water levels
Skimmer aerates water to ensure crystal clear water
Bonus filter packs included (for 3 months)

*The water pump is backed by a 3 year limited warranty by AA Aquarium. Refer to instruction booklet for warranty conditions.
Dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning
Super quiet pump system, backed by a 3 year limited warranty*

Plastic housing is injection moulded with food grade Polypropylene (PP), withstand good heat form dishwasher and is BPA free.
Spare parts
Pack of 3 filters
Code: R-015-CH
Pack of 8 Dental Care tablets
Code: CH08DC
200L/H (52GPH) water pump
Code: CH190

Caring for Cat H2O

Pump maintenance

To keep Cat H2O clean and working smoothly, simple maintenance should be carried out. But like all electrical appliance, you should always unplug Cat H2O from the power outlet before maintenance. For detail maintenance & trouble shooting guidelines, download the instruction booklet

Cat H2O recommends to clean the impeller of the pump once a month to ensure smooth operation. It can often get tangle with excess hair from cats. Refer to Pump Maintenance at the instruction booklet, or simply watch the video

About us

Cat H2O was founded in 2014 with the aim to design better products with your cat’s wellbeing in mind. We are proud to have worked with PDD Design of the UK, Aristopet, a leading pet care manufacturer in Australia and AA Aquarium, a manufacturer of millions of high quality water pumps.

We are excited to be working with leading pet products distributors around the world to bring Cat H2O to more cats.

R&D is very proud to have seamlessly combined Dental Care with Cat H2O. We are very excited working on our next project, stay tuned.

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