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Fountain parts

Fountain Filters

Item #: R-015-CH

3 pieces of replacement filter pads, each includes sponge and activated carbon. Recommend to change monthly. 


Water softening filters

Item #: R-016-CH

3 pieces of water softening filter pads not only remove city water chemicals, but also remove water hardness from your pet's water. 

Each pack contains 8 Dental Care tablets & 1 silicone slow dissolve sleeve

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Dental Care tablets for Cat H2O and Dog H2O fountains

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Directions, Ingredients, Warning and Storage of Dental Care tablets.

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Each pack contains 8 Dental Care tablets & 1 silicone slow dissolve sleeve

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Dental Care tablets

Item #: DH08DC

8 pieces in a pack, helps protect against plaque & tartar build up, for healthier gums & fights doggy breath. Bonus Calcium supplement for strong teeth & bones.

Includes 1 silicone slow dissolving sleeve.


Replacement Pump

Item #: CHD190

Replacement filter pump (110Vac 60Hz or 220Vac 50Hz) for:

  • Cat H2O mini 1.2L

  • Cat H2O 2L

  • Dog H2O 6L

Replacement pump comes with 1 year limited warranty.

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Power cord protective tube

Item #: CHD001

5 pieces of protective tube for the power cord. Replace the protective tube if there are signs of chewing.

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Filter change indicator

Item #: R-017-CH

A handy reminder to help keep the water effectively filtered and fresh for your pets. Simply press the button to activate timing. The LED will flash in 30 days. Includes 1 piece of fountain filter. 

CHD192 USB 640.jpg

USB Replacement Pump

Item #: CHD192

USB Replacement filter pump for Cat H2O mini and other fountains with USB connector. Comes with 1 year limited warranty. USB adapter is NOT included. 

CHD191 DC plug 640.jpg

Replacement Pump for Cordless

Item #: CHD191

Replacement filter pump for Dog H2O Cordless. Comes with 1 year limited warranty. 


Cat H2O Filter Grate + Filter

Item #: CH010-015

Accidentally thrown out the filter grate with the filter? Here is the replacement with 1 filter included. For Cat H2O 2L fountains only. 


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