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Dog drinking from Dog H2O Cordless - Battery Operated Pet Drinking Fountain
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Quick Startup Videos

Quick Startup


Pump does not start

Make sure the plug is connected & water is filled to "Max" on the lower bowl for initial start. Or try to unplug and plug the unit to restart the pump. Always make sure your hands are dry. If it still doesn't work, refer to pump cleaning video below. 

Cat H2O mini is powered by USB, how come you are not including an USB adapter?

Over the years, we have all accumulated some USB adapters at home. Let's make use of all these idle adapters and stop making & shipping them around. 

My pet is not drinking from the fountain

Your pet may need a little bit more time to adjust to drinking from a fountain, once they get started, they will love it. 

Is the filter the same size for both Cat H2O & Dog H2O?

Yes, the filters are the same size for all our fountains

I see some carbon dust in the fountain

The activated carbon may have some carbon dust. This is not harmful to pets. Rinse your bowl and filter pad to remove excess carbon dust. Consider soaking the filter pad under water for 2 minutes before use.  


What are the ingredients used in Dental Care tablets?

Dental Care tablet contains Glucose Oxidase, an enzyme that is scientifically proven to react with glucose, forming a cleaning agent. It simply helps keep your pet's teeth clean. Ingredients: Water deionized, dental plaster, glucoses oxidase enzyme, potassium sorbate. For pets with allergy or medical condition, please consult veterinary before use. 

Cat H2O & Dog H2O - Dental Care
Cat H2O and Dog H2O Pump Cleaning
Cat H2O Rinse Filter before use
Cat H2O - Do not wash filter

Water from the pump is weaker than before & with some air bubbles

This is a sign of "low water level". Fill lower bowl with water to "Max" indicator. If water is full and flow remains low, check strainer under the pump to remove hair or debris and clean the inside of the pump as well. Refer to Pump cleaning video below. 

The Dog H2O Cordless seems to be OFF most of the time

As we are trying to conserve power from the batteries, the pump is programmed to rest in between filtration: 

  • Setting 1: Press the button once, filter will run for 2 min every 90 min. 

  • Setting 2: Double click the button for the filter to run 2 min every 45 min. 

  • Anytime you want a cycle to begin, just push the Botton - either a single push (90min) or double click (45min)

Can the filter be washed in a dishwasher?

No, because activated carbon from the filter will adsorb cleaning chemicals and cannot be rinsed off. Just change the filter pad & also DO NOT put the pump in the dishwasher

Pump Cleaning

Pump Cleaning

To keep your Cat H2O & Dog H2O clean and working smoothly, we recommend cleaning the fountain weekly and every 2 to 3 days for Dog H2O Cordless if placed outdoors. Maintenance steps can be found in the instruction booklet. 

We also recommend to clean the inside of the water pump monthly as excess hair and debris can be caught at the impeller assembly affecting pump performance. Here is a video for impeller cleaning directions. 

Instructions booklet


Cat H2O mini

Cat H2O

Dog H2O

Dog H2O

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