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cath20 tornado on clear.png

Exciting Swirling water design ensures crystal clear water free from saliva & slime

Water is dispensed from the flower-shaped spout

CH010T Dental.png

Bonus Dental Care by Cat H2O, helps improve oral hygiene while drinking water

Translucent bowl allows you to easily monitor the water level

Oversized filter pad to remove hair, food bits & debris. Click "Reminder" to setup a monthly Filter Change reminder on your phone

cath20 tornado on clear.png
Colour: White on translucent black
Capacity: 2L / 2.1 qt.
Dimensions: 24 (L) x 14.7 (W) x 14.5 (H) cm
Filter: 1 (Sponge & Ceramic beads)
Dental Care: 1 tablet with 1 silicone sleeve
Material: Certified Food Grade & BPA Free plastic
Pump flow: up to 200L/hr
Warranty: Fountain 1 Year, Pump 3 Year Limited Warranty

NEW exciting Tornado water motion entices your cat to drink more water!

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